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About us

The Folklore Ensemble Pálava was founded in 1993 in Mikulov, a beautiful town at the foot of the Pavlovské vrchy. It consists of five artistic components, which are visited by folklore enthusiasts from the smallest children to experienced seniors. The association organizes and participates in many cultural events not only in Mikulov, many cities of the Czech Republic, but also abroad.
The repertoire of NS Pálava components consists of regions neighboring Mikulovsk, such as Hanácké Slovácko and Podluží, and regions from which people came to settle Mikulovsk after WWII. World War II, such as Kyjovské Dolňácko, Uherskobrodsko and Kopanice. NS Pálava participated to a large extent together with prof. Zdenka Jelínková on research and restoration of the culture of the Moravian Croats, living in Mikulovsk since the 16th century.
During its existence, the association released two CD carriers and participated in several publications.

FE Pálava

Adult part of ensemble

CHFE Palavánek

Children part of ensemble

CHFE Palavěnka

Our smallest members

FE Pálava Seniors

Our most experienced members

DB Píšťalenka

Our Dulcimer Band

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Moravian Croats

In our performances, we elaborate the culture of the Moravian Croats, who in the course of the 16th century left their homeland in fear of Turkish incursions and settled the territory along the Hungarian-Austrian and Slovak-Moravian-Austrian borders.

Singing Competition "Mikulovský zpěváček"

The ethnographic ensemble of Pálava and the directorate of ZŠ Mikulov, Valtická 3, p. o., organize the annual Mikulovský zpevaček singing competition for children’s singers under the auspices of the city of Mikulov. The singers are accompanied by dulcimer music Grácia. The winners of the older category of the competition advance to the regional round “Children and the song of Slovácko”.